It is worthwhile to buy diamonds and worth the goal.

“Buying diamonds” is considered another interesting investment channel because diamonds can be worth having a price even if it’s just set! If you want to buy diamonds, it is worth it and smart to plan well before making a purchase.


How to buy diamonds wisely and wisely Here are some suggestions.

Before you buy diamonds, consider a variety of factors and adhere to the 4Cs principle, because these purchase principles will affect the overall beauty, including color, size, shape/shape, sparkle. You’ll get the diamond you like at a reasonable price, so how to buy diamonds wisely and cost-effectively? Here are some suggestions!

  1. See Carat

The first is the matter of Carat is important. It is advisable to buy a diamond that is as large as your budget. The larger the diamond, the more distinct the details can be seen. For example, look at the difference between a 100 water diamond, 70 weight and a 95 water diamond, 1 carat, etc.

  1. See the subject of Cut (cutting).

Next is Cut (cut) if you choose to buy diamonds that are not cut well. This will affect the overall beauty. The cutting process must go through a compromise process such as Fire, Light Return, Brilliancy and Scintillation. It is recommended to buy very good or excellent. Everything for Cut, Polish and Symmetry.

  1. Only buy diamonds from recognized brands.

In the future, buying a diamond worthwhile should be bought from a well-known brand. or recognized brands only Even though it’s a bit higher in value, but no matter what anyone says, it makes it look more credible. accepted from all over the world The advantages of buying are many such as easy to sell, price doesn’t fall, high quality. No matter how much time has passed, it can be sold for sure 100%. The more you leave it for a long time %, the price will continue to rise.

  1. Buy a diamond that has received a certificate of quality.

Next, you should buy diamonds that have been issued a certificate of quality – a certificate for credibility when you want to sell in the future. Because this is a card that has a very good effect on buying and selling, it is a measure of how much quality the acquired diamond is. There are advantages and disadvantages what is actually Both in terms of shape, proportions and details of diamonds. Recommend certificate issued by HRD Antwerp or GIA.

  1. Buy from a store with a purchase guarantee.

Number 5, buying diamonds, if you want to buy it worthwhile, want to build on the purchase. Should buy from a store that has a purchase guarantee. which you can ask before making a purchase Because each store will have a redemption schedule later. Both oral and written forms are available. Read the details completely.

Some stores will have to sign an agreement, buy at a price and sell back at a predetermined percentage. It will help to get a good price later. Therefore, choosing a diamond shop should choose a good shop to be confident in the next extension.

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Long lasting memories in Valentines day

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Long lasting memories in Valentines day

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